RichÁrd RÁcz

Fantastic neon! - my first VR experience

Hungary, late 90s.

Newspaper ad: "Try virtual reality! -Net cafe"

I saved my pocket money for a month, gathering all my courage and going down to that little cellar. I paid for 10 minutes and they put that thing on my head. I had to kill monsters in a spaceship.

Or should have ... I was hit in the first hallway by the rumble of a neon lamp. I looked up and saw the neon tube flicker ...

From that moment on, I didn’t go any further. I went forward, backward, sideways around the lamp, turning my head over and over.

When the time was up, they took the device off my head and...

...all I could say was: This neon is awesome!

...all I think about since then: I must create VR games!

Fun facts

  • Secret: A poem I wrote was published in a computer magazine
  • Strange: I graduated first as a Math teacher
  • More strange: I studied film art and acting in high school
  • Most quoted movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  • Superpower: I can project the future. It’s a great super ability, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility.
  • Favorite/last played PC game: Lego Harry Potter 1-4, Overcooked, Skyrim

P.S.: 'tank of Imre'


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